Miss Super Adorable Tells All

Okay, I know you have questions about Miss Super Adorable so I have agreed to tell all.

This is my story as much as my new mom knows. Before I was known as Miss Super Adorable, I was found wandering beside the road and brought to a rescue center. A couple adopted me, but brought me back. The woman at the rescue center thought that they hit me and it made her very angry. She wanted a better home for me.

My new mom lost her Sheltie to cancer and was very sad. She prayed and searched the Internet for just the right dog. That’s how she found me! Of course, I was exactly the right dog for her! Now I make her very happy just by being my adorable self. We are very happy together now.

What breed dog is Miss Super Adorable?

Since I was rescued, no one knows for sure, but the vet is certain that I am a poodle mix. The rescue center thought I was a maltipoo. A vet tech guessed a shihpoo. Others have guessed a cockapoo or terrier. Only my parents know for sure. What do you think? Mom loves me just the way I am.
Miss Super Adorable makes herself at home

How old is Miss Super Adorable?

Since I was rescued, no one knows for sure, but the vet seems to think that I am somewhere between one to three years old. I am an adorable pooch in my prime…that is for sure. Like most adorable rescue pets (and women older than 29), I am keeping my true age a secret.

Does Miss Super Adorable like to travel?

I love to go for rides in the car! I want to ride in mom’s lap, of course, or stand up with my paws on the dashboard so I can see all the sights, but she won’t let me. She says that is not safe for me. It’s still great to travel though.

Miss Super Adorable resting on comfy chair near mom's computer

What is a typical day like for Miss Super Adorable?

We wake up early and Mom gives me snuggles. Then we go for a walk in our neighborhood with Misty. Mom lets me sit in her lap for long periods of time. That is my absolute favorite time! When I am especially cute, she takes pictures of me (my photo shoot, you know.) Sometimes she throws a toy for me and I jump up in the air to catch it and then onto the couch and tussle with it. The rest of the time, I snooze in a comfy chair near her computer while she works on my stories. Life is good!

I hope that you have enjoyed getting to know me better. (Of course you have because I’m Miss Super Adorable!) I know that I like you and would like to know you better. Scoot over to All About You and send me a picture of your cute self, please.

Does Miss Super Adorable like to be a model?

Most of the time, I really do. Every once in a while, I would rather just snuggle, but Mom doesn’t ever push me. And we always have snuggle time later. Mom makes sure that I am never stressed or hurt. She just takes pictures of me being super adorable and then PhotoShops the photos and writes stories around my cuteness. I can do that!