I would love to create wonderful Custom People Photos for you or your favorite person or people. Is that cluttered background in the photo of your favorite person bothering you? Let me remove it for you so that you can enjoy it more. If you prefer, I can also replace it with another background or create a new background for you. Finally, I can put your person or people into one of my photos of popular locations. (See Digital Faux Vacations below.)

Custom People Photos Improvement

Custom People Photos - original cluttered background

Original Cluttered Background

Custom People Photos - background removed

Background Removed

Despite our best efforts, our photos with the best photos of people often contain a lot of clutter in the background. I will professionally remove a poor background and replace it with a transparent background for web use. I can also replace it with a better background or with a color of your choice. Also, many photos need enhancements such as removing objects, correcting the lighting, or removing blemishes and I can retouch your photo for you.

Digital Custom People Photos Portraits

Custom People Photos - original photo

Original Photo

Custom People Photos - Digital Studio Portrait

Digital Studio Portrait

Custom People Photos - family portrait

Digital Family Portrait

In addition, I can create a digital portrait of your person or family or other group in a hand painting portrait style. It can be based on your favorite photo or you can select from one of my portrait backgrounds. See the full size samples on the Shop tab and click on the Digital Painting Portrait product to see the best comparison. Choose from 16 original backgrounds or use your own. (To see available backgrounds, see the Digital Portrait product page.)

Custom Special Hearts People Photos


Let the world know who you love! Surprise your beloved with this Custom Couples Heart. I will enhance your photo and add your names, initials, color of heart, and your own personal (short) saying. Customize it to show your unique and special relationship. This Custom Couples Heart makes a great anniversary gift!





We all know how mothers love gifts with photos of their children surrounding them. Shake it up a little this year and give this Parents and Children Family Heart, a heart with Mom’s photo surrounded by her children. By the way, why should Dad miss out on all the love? Include his picture too. Makes a great Mother’s Day gift or Father’s Day gift!




Your child or other special person will love this Name Meaning Heart. Many people do not know the meaning of their own name. It can be life-changing when they find out their name meaning. Just think how pleased your child will be when he or she has a constant reminder of your love and a special meaning with photos of themselves as a baby and a current picture. I can customize this heart for you as well. Makes a great birthday gift or anniversary gift! This Name Meaning Heart is also a great thank you gift or friendship gift. (Note that you do not need to have a photo of a person in order to order this heart.

Digital Faux Vacations for People

Are you having to stay at home for your vacation time this year due to finances or other circumstances? Jazz up your Staycation with a Faux Vacation photo!

Miss Super Adorable here: Mom told me how she and her best friend wanted to go on a vacation a few years ago, but couldn’t afford it. They told each other a story about Korea (or maybe it is South Korea…I can’t remember). That story became a book that they wrote. You can read it at Joyous Adventures in Writing. But I got distracted; I’ll let Mom talk again now.

Anyway, I can put your person, family, or other group of people into one of my photos of popular locations. You can impress your friends with this Faux Vacation. It is my version of the old plywood scenery that had holes for your faces. Select from many popular and beautiful locations. If you prefer, I can use a photo that you own for the background.

Sample Digital Faux Vacation

Sample Digital Faux Vacation (Grand Canyon)

Digital Pet Portraits - Disney Magic Kingdom castle

Disney Magic Kingdom

Digital Pet Portraits - Orlando beach

Beach near Orlando

Digital Pet Portraits - Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier

Digital Pet Portraits - Seven Falls

Seven Falls

Digital Pet Portraits - Rocky Mt National Park

Rocky Mt National Park

Digital Pet Portraits - Garden of the gods

Garden of the gods

Digital Pet Portraits - Garden of the gods front entrance

Garden of the gods front entrance

Digital Pet Portraits - Branson Belle

Branson Belle

Digital Pet Portraits - Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon


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