My new Mom is just the best! She can help you with all sorts of cool things to help you and your pet or favorite person. You can find out more about all of these great things by clicking on the blue headings below or using the sub-categories in the menu under the All About You tab. You can buy as many of these beautiful digital photos, customized for you, under the Shop page. Check this out:

Pet Portraits

Have a favorite photo of your pet (or person) that has a cluttered or bad background? Mom can I can get rid of that annoying background and replace it with another background or create a new background for you. She can also put them into a photo of a popular location…Voila! Impress your friends with a Faux Vacation! (This is our version of the old plywood scenery with holes for your faces.) It is just a lot of fun!

Sample Digital Faux Vacation

Sample Digital Faux Vacation

Personalized Hearts

Like my Miss Super Adorable logo? Mom can make one just for you and your pet (or person). It can be any color and font. She can put a photo of your Super Adorable pet or person instead of my face. Although I don’t know why anyone would want to replace my Super Adorable face. 🙂 You can create your own Personalized Hearts designs from scratch, use one of 7 popular heart colors, or select one of Mom’s great designs personalized with your photo and text.

MSA-310 Digital Personalized Heart

Sample Pet Personalized Heart

Pet Memorials

Did you lose a beloved pet (or person)? That is a shame. Here is a furry hug and a face lick from me. Mom was really sad when she lost her Sheltie. She designed several great pet memorials to help you remember your Super Adorable pet. She can personalize your pet memorial with your pet’s (or person’s) name, dates of birth and death (optional), and other special memories.

Pet Digital Cat Paw Print with Rainbow and Small Heart Memorial

Sample Pet Memorial


I would like to find a handsome dog to play my boyfriend in a few of our stories. If you would like for your handsome pup to be considered, send a photo to us. Sorry, but I am looking for male dogs only for this contest. No offense…just my preference. Maybe later we might have a contest for my friends, etc. We might even let you vote for my boyfriend, although I reserve the right to select him myself! 🙂 You could become famous! You can even tell us your suggestion for his name or his nickname.

Screen tests

Love Miss Super Adorable? Can’t get enough of my Miss Super Adorable stories on YouTube? Want your adorable pet to be included in one of our YouTube stories? Send us a photo and I’ll see if my Mom can fit you in. Hint: It would be best if your pet is dressed up or doing something interesting. Then Mom can create a story based around that. Also, you can feel free to send us suggestions for other YouTube stories that you would like to see.


Lastly, if you have a product that you would like Miss Super Adorable to endorse or use in one of my stories, you can contact us for pricing and details.She can wear a sign with your product or company name. In addition, If you send your product (or a photo of your product or company sign or building), we can create a photo with Miss Super Adorable. We are also open to other suggestions.


NOTE: You must agree that any photo submitted can be used for any purpose that Miss Super Adorable desires without any compensation.