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Please come back and visit this most important page. Miss Super Adorable is busy writing stories and acting them out to create YouTube videos. You are going to love them! Simply click on a photo below to watch the video stories. Please like my videos and subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you are the first to know when new videos are released.

Miss Super Adorable here: While you are at YouTube watching my videos, check out the Chasing Hope video. It is about a story that Mom wrote with her best friend. Mom told me how they wanted to go on a vacation a few years ago, but couldn’t afford it. They told each other a story about Korea. That story became a book that they wrote. And that’s what the video is about. You can read more about it and order it at Joyous Adventures in Writing. I hope you like my video stories! If you like them, you can subscribe to our channel at that link or with the YouTube icon on the left of this screen. Anyway, I think that they are a lot of fun. Bye now.

Miss Super Adorable Video Stories - Rescue DogRescue Dog Miss Super Adorable Video Stories - Monster LobsterMonster Lobster Miss Super Adorable Video Stories - Snow Skiing RescueSnow Skiing Rescue  

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